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<p>Microring LLC</p>


«Microring» LLC

was establish   ed in 1990 by a group of specialists who have many years' experience in the sphere of local network designing and programming. The Company has started its activity as a Producers Cooperative.

«Microring» LLC is an Armenian multiple-discipline company which celebrated its twentieth anniversary in 2010.

From the very beginning of its foundation, the Company activates in the sphere of programming and local network designing and installation.

Since 1990 using Norwell network operation system the Company has invested management automated systems of its own development in many industrial institutions and ministries.

It's especially worthy to mention the work which was done in metallurgical plant, where the Company has developed and invested a number of unique software systems. In those years, we implemented and invested a package of analytic and imitation modeling software in the Yerevan Computer R&D Institute, which allowed to calculate many probabilistic characteristics of the planning systems.

«Microring» LLC activated in the territory of the Republic of Armenia as well as beyond its borders. Two years’ work experience and confidence gained basis for “Microring” LLC to work in a number of Russian Federation research institutes, metallurgical plants, banks, pension funds and other institutes from 1992 to 1995.

Since 1992 at the heart of «Microring» LLC's activity has been the import of network equipment and software packages and development of complex systems.

From 1994 till now «Microring» LLC has invested telecommunication technologies in a number of telecommunication and governmental subdivisions.

In 1995 the Company officially started cooperation with such famous brands as IBM, CA, Informix, in 1996 we worked with HP, Sun, Cisco, Oracle, Siemens Nixdorf (which later became Fujitsu Siemens Computers and now Fujitsu).

In those years «Microring» LLC invited to the Republic of Armenia such American outstanding companies' representatives as Informix, SUN, NCR, Novell, Cisco, ESRI, ERDAS, 3Com and etc.

Since 2008 the Company has been engaged in installation and support of IP BPX.

At present «Microring» LLC provides its customers a wide package of IT services and every year the number of these services increases.

To meet the customers' demand the Company every year implements several new and high technologies.

In 2011 «Microring» LLC joined to international IPC2U Group (Industrial PC to You) which includes more than 22 brands which are known all over the world - MOXA, IEI, NEXCOM, ACME, ADLINK, ICP-DAS, AdAstra Research Group, Ltd, LEX Computech, MITSUBISHI, PORTWELL, ICOP and etc. These companies produce and develop industrial automation systems.

Today «Microring» LLC is represented as a system integrator which offers only high quality products from the very beginning of its foundation. It has given grounds for the company to have more than 300 key customers among Armenian as well as foreign companies and organizations.

Our main partners are Apple, HP, APC, Cisco, Juniper, EATON, AEG, SuperMicro, Oracle, Check Point, ASRock, View Sonic, Cooler Master, HID Global, GeIL, ESRI, ERDAS, Gembird, Wilk Elektronics, Platan, ASSMANN, Mustek, Point of View, Easy Touch, Plustek, RRC and etc.

«Microring» LLC’s main activity and goals:
✔ Integrated approach for any project,
✔Scaling provision and decrease of financial expenses,
✔Increase of reliability and efficiency.
During projects Microring highlights:
✔Engineering approaches of manufacturers,
✔multi-layer security of hardware and software,
✔utilization of international standards.
The Company provides the following services:
✔Delivery and installation of computer hardware and passive and active network equipment,
✔Delivery and installation of servers, storages and needed software,
✔Selection, delivery and installation of the devices which ensure multilayer security of the designing systems,
✔Designing, montage and testing of computer and telephone network,
✔Designing of electricity supply network and selection of appropriate uninterruptable power supplies and generators,
✔Choice of security systems of networks and its users.
✔Productive choice of telephone equipment,
✔Right choice of video surveillance and access control,
✔Choice of reliable and qualified computer equipment,
✔Right and in time organizing of technical support.
Thus the Company provides its customers an opportunity to get acquainted with modern technical means and in addition to it carries out free consultation. The professional degree of the employees can show the certificates which they got from SUN, HP, Microsoft, APC, Cisco, Juniper, Linux, 3Com, ESRI, SUN while cooperating with these companies. «Microring» LLC `s Service Center carries out warranty and post warranty services of the devices which are brought from our shop hall or are the production of our partners. The employees of Service Center carry out software localization, computer repair as well as refill printers and copiers.

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